Project control

Our project management stands for goal achievement through holistic management with professional, personal and social competence.

Project management is very complex due to the large number of actors involved, the number of tasks to be coordinated and processed, as well as the intersecting disciplines. Technically, economically and legally, high demands have to be met and mastered for the success of a project. We are at your side and take on the entire spectrum of delegable client tasks for you and thus represent you in all phases of the project for a successful handling of the overall project.
Our management provides you with a project organisation that is geared to your requirements, a clear and efficient process planning as well as professional control with regard to deadlines, costs and the desired qualities. For the duration of the project, an organisational unit is at your disposal that is responsible for planning, controlling and monitoring the project. The tasks can be individually adapted to the needs of the project and the individual project phases.
Project management according to AHO
M&P project management comprises the effective and efficient assumption of all necessary services to safeguard the interests of our clients and customers vis-à-vis all other parties involved, in accordance with the service profile of the AHO §2. We work on the following service areas:
  • Organisation, information, coordination and documentation
  • Qualities and quantities
  • Costs and funding
  • Dates, capacities and logistics
  • Contracts and insurance
Project management according to AHO
The M&P project management in accordance with §3 of the AHO service profile includes, in addition to the service profile of §2, the decision-making and enforcement competence for the planning, control and monitoring of a project. The client is thus comprehensively represented and relieved.
M&P is able to completely take over the project management function for you, the client, and to ensure that the qualitative, economic and deadline targets are met.
M&P TGA-Controlling is the responsible contact partner for all matters relating to technical building services during the planning and execution phase. The various self-contained disciplines of the technical building equipment take on a very important role in large and complex buildings and are accompanied by our TGA controlling from the beginning to the end.
The TGA controlling supports the superordinate M&P project control in all phases of the project around the technical facilities.
BIM management
Digitisation in construction is not the future, it is already reality. M&P BIM Management takes over all tasks for you that arise from the BIM discipline. We are therefore responsible for setting up the BIM project and organising the management processes around the BIM project, and we develop a management strategy tailored to the respective project and the client.
That's what you get from us:
Structure BIM process
  • A suitable BIM strategy
  • Implementation in the planning process
  • Target monitoring and success control
Implementation in the client's company (if required)
  • Appropriate BIM strategy (see above)
  • Change Management
  • Trainings
  • Establish hardware and software and maintain as needed
  • BIM specifications
  • BIM specification
  • Level of Development Catalogue
  • BIM execution plan
  • Contracting authority Information requirements
  • BIM model: plausibility and collision check
To fulfil the diverse tasks of BIM management, we work together with our cooperation partner Formitas AG.
Formitas AG is experienced in the field of BIM development and BIM management and is a driving force in the realisation of the digitalisation of the planning and construction process.

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