Project development

We know how to develop developed or undeveloped land. And we do it in such a way that they are future-proof, sustainable, economical, socially appropriate and compatible with urban development.

In real estate projects, the first step is the most important, because it sets the course that will later affect the project. The project initiation - the "service phase 0" - is mainly used to define the project goals, to define the framework conditions and to prepare the project before the actual "kick-off".
Influencing variables such as socio-cultural, ecological and economic aspects - the triangle of sustainability - as well as urban planning conditions are the key words in the development of your project. In order to set up a promising project, future-oriented planning is required.
In project development, we also take into account social developments and megatrends, such as the smart city, connectivity, health, mobility and safety, in order to develop projects that meet future requirements and remain attractive. projects that will also meet future requirements and remain attractive. Optimally planned projects also reduce time and costs.
Our services:
  • Location and market analyses
  • Supervision of development plan and approval procedures
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Competition support
  • Feasibility studies
  • Coordination with authorities and municipalities to determine
  • Political and municipal influencing variables
  • Development of the planning basis and definition of the planning objectives
  • Determination of task structures
  • Target group analyses
  • Time frame, milestone and process planning
  • Requests for quotations and recommendations for the award of contracts for necessary planning, specialist engineering and other services
  • Participation in contract negotiations
  • Creation of utilisation concepts
  • Risk assessments

Contact Person

Departmental Coordinator

Project Development Maik Hannes