Our strategic advice provides you with the opportunity to comprehensively formulate your goals and requirements for your new dream property.

We help you with the strategic development of your utilisation requirements and offer comprehensive advice and support in the area of planning and realisation.
Our help in defining user requirements has decisive advantages for you. The course for a successful property can be set effectively and purposefully at the start of a project.
It is crucial to formulate a precise task for the planners of the building that includes as many requirements and processes as possible. Our strategic advice helps you to do this and enables everyone involved to benefit from a high level of information right from the start of the planning process.
The influence on costs and the scope for decision-making are greatest for you at the start of a project. It is crucial to set the right course here. We will be happy to help you with this.
Strategic advice
M&P provides the client with the possibility of a comprehensive formulation of the goals and requirements for the construction project. In addition, M&P analyses the status of a project on request and draws up a catalogue of measures if necessary.
Technical due diligence
As a property investment service, M&P prepares and carries out technical due diligence (TDD).
TGA consulting
Advice on all issues relating to technical building equipment, inventory evaluations, economic feasibility studies, energy concepts, plausibility checks and quality assurance.

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CONSULTATION Norbert Tümmers